Method of Converting Atrial Fibrillation to Normal Sinus Rhythm and Loading Oral Sotalol in a Shortened Time Frame

Patent No. US 11,344,518 B2

Patients with paroxysmal or persistent atrial fibrillation (AF) have a very significant increased risk of embolization. In addition, AF is associated with bothersome symptoms of palpitation, weakness, and “fluttering” in the neck and throat areas. AF is associated with a reduced cardiac output and can lead to the development of heart failure. The present invention provides a novel method of converting AF and monitoring normal sinus rhythm using an initial IV dose of sotalol followed by oral sotalol maintenance therapy. This method provides a method of acute assessment of QTc prolongation to determine the safety of chronic oral sotalol therapy and reduces the hospitalization stay required for conversion and sotalol initiation.