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Helping hospitals optimize specialty therapeutics is a growth opportunity.

Where we are today

Our first product is an IV formulation of the 2nd most widely used antiarrhythmic drug in the US.1

Sotalol and atrial fibrillation today

~2 million prescriptions per year for the oral sotalol despite multiday hospitalization for initiation

1.2 million new cases of atrial fibrillation diagnosed annually [Miyasaka Y 2006]

See additional facts about the projected growth in atrial fibrillation here.

Where we are going tomorrow

AltaThera was recently selected by the FDA for a new regulatory program. This program allows for an accelerated pathway to develop new dosing for adult atrial fibrillation.

Our goal is to reduce hospital length of stay with the approval of an IV formulation (vs. oral). Reduced hospitalizations may benefit not only the bottom line, but also patients’ peace of mind as they avoid inconvenient hospital time for drug initiation.

This step exemplifies our commitment to helping optimize outcomes while helping to deliver quality care efficiently and effectively.

With our experienced leadership team, we will focus on our immediate opportunities to leverage our hospital platform. Our goal with these acquisitions is to always offer meaningful clinical and financial improvements to providers, patients, and healthcare organizations.

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