Ethics and Compliance

AltaThera Pharmaceuticals recognizes and supports the standards to which our society holds the healthcare industry. To that end, our Compliance Program is designed to instill the appropriate standards of conduct for team members, prevent issues from occurring, and ensure personal accountability across our organization.

The Compliance Program is at the center of all AltaThera activities. We have incorporated principle-based decision-making into our standards of conduct to guide team members when faced with ethical dilemmas. When misconduct takes place, the company takes rapid and appropriate action. 

We ensure AltaThera acts in compliance with applicable regulations, laws, policies and guidelines because doing what’s right every day is how we do what’s best for patients and the broader healthcare industry. 

Our standards are represented in AltaThera’s Professional Practices Policy, which governs how team members conduct business and interact with customers, including promoting products to health care professionals. All activities must be conducted in accordance with local laws, regulations and industry codes, which may be more stringent than the requirements outlined in this Policy.