We are a hospital-focused specialty pharmaceutical company

Optimizing care to help improve outcomes

Core Values

AltaThera is committed to providing therapies that address the costly and complex challenges of adult atrial fibrillation. Our values reflect our commitment to helping providers and hospitals optimize the delivery of quality care.

Mission Critical for AltaThera


Adult atrial fibrillation is high stakes in terms of lives and costs. Our goal is to provide products that improve efficiencies when it matters most, like reducing hospital length of stay.


We strive to offer products that can help providers and hospitals administer treatment most effectively, like using an IV option over an oral.


The ultimate measure of any product’s success is its outcome. Excellence in outcomes and an efficient, effective delivery of care make the benefits far reaching for more patients.

Our Approach

With a leadership team experienced in the acquisition and launch of specialty products, AltaThera is uniquely positioned to provide a portfolio of specialty therapeutics to hospitals.

Often, our acquisition targets are specialty products that we believe can best maximize efficiencies, safety, and patient convenience, such as our first product, an antiarrhythmic drug.