About Us

AltaThera Pharmaceuticals aims to improve patient care, beginning with patients with atrial fibrillation. Our first product is a novel formulation of a widely used antiarrhythmic drug. As we grow beyond our first product, we will continually dedicate ourselves to optimizing care through innovation.

We’re focused on efficiency, effectiveness, and outcomes in order to improve and optimize patient care through innovation and science. AltaThera Pharmaceuticals is based in Chicago with a team around the country.

Values: Mission Critical


Atrial fibrillation is high stakes in terms of lives and costs. Our goal is to provide products that improve efficiencies when it matters most, like reducing hospital length of stay.


We strive to offer products that can help providers and hospitals administer treatment most effectively, like using an IV option over an oral.


The ultimate measure of any product’s success is its outcome. Excellence in outcomes and an efficient, effective delivery of care make the benefits far reaching for more patients.


Our 5 Values

We are:

Humble: We are focused on supporting and caring for other team members and customers instead of the individual.

Hungry: We bring energy and focus to the team.

Adaptable: Our success necessarily entails a high degree of change. We orient toward the future, identify the changes we need to make, and proactively evolve ourselves and our team as we adapt to these challenges.

People Smart: We strive to reduce friction and increase understanding.

Intellectual Curious: We answer “why” to set up the team and take appropriate action.

We're always looking for talented individuals.