Play Video about Nurse making a heart with her hands. AltaThera Pharmaceuticals is a precision medicine company aiming to transform the way therapy is delivered, advance patient care, and reduce healthcare costs.

The Right Patient.
The Right Dose.
The Right Time.

AltaThera is a precision medicine company using innovative science to improve patient care and solve serious and costly problems.

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Aiming to individualize treatment

We are working to narrow the gap between scientific innovation and clinical decision-making by individualizing cardiovascular drug treatment for diverse patient populations.

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Solving Serious and Costly Problems

There’s a global arrhythmia epidemic with
34 million suffering from Atrial Fibrillation.
6 million patients in the U.S. today will grow to 12 million patients in 10 years. Our first product, Sotalol IV, a new formulation of a widely used and trusted antiarrhythmic drug, shortens hospital stay by converting an inpatient procedure to an outpatient procedure.

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An innovative approach to medicine

Our models help to find novel ways of using existing drugs by analyzing clinical data.

Optimizing patient care with a modern approach.

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